Wiltshire Young Musicians was established by Wiltshire Council in partnership with parents and supporters to create bands, orchestras and choirs for children of primary and secondary school age in Wiltshire.

Professional staff  coach and conduct the large number of ensembles on offer. The bands, orchestras and choirs are split into three groups. There is Wiltshire Young Musicians (WYM) which include West Wiltshire Young Musicans (WWYM) and North Wiltshire Young Musicans (NWYM). There is also a group based in the Salisbury area called Salisbury Area Young Musicians (SAYM).

The aim is to provide facilities on a weekly basis during term-time for young musicians to experience high quality music making. Young musicians are carefully guided to a suitable band or orchestra. Provision is also made for performance at a variety of venues across the county.


Activities include weekly rehearsals, concerts, one day and residential courses. There is also a commitment to regional and national festivals – musicians have played in London's Royal Festival Hall and Royal Albert Hall and also at the Symphony Hall and Town Hall in Birmingham.


Each group will normally give at least two public performances during the course of a year. We encourage all young musicians whatever their ability to join and enhance their musical education.


We are funded by a termly subscription from each child (except where there is real hardship) but we also receive funding from the Wiltshire Music Connect hub, charitable trusts and grants, individual patrons, donations and of course fund raising.

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